Meditation and Presentation Session I

Group Meditation and Presentation Session I

Date: Sunday, 19 April

Time: ~1:30 to ~3:00pm
• Bradley On-site/Early Arrivals: 1pm
• Formal Event Start Time: 1:30pm
• Formal Event Stop Time: 3:00pm
• Personal Instruction: Until 4:00pm

Location: Campus Park
• Cross-Street of University and Campus Parkway
• Right Across from the District Market
• 1315 NE Campus Pkwy

Cost: FREE!!!

• Overview and Introductions: 5 to 10 minutes
• Basic Meditation Instruction: About 10 minutes
• Guided Group Meditation Session: About 20 minutes
• Presentation on the True Nature of All Things: About 15 minutes
• Group Dialogue/Question and Answer Session: About 15 minutes
• Additional Open Ended Discussion Time: About 15 minutes
• Opportunities for Personal Instruction: As Requested


Come join Bradley “The Whistler” as he gives his first formal talk on what it means to be enlightened and how to find enlightenment for your very self. The instruction given is not tied to any religion or spiritual tradition, but is consistent with the enlightened teachings of both Jesus and the Buddha, and contains additional information from modern neuroscience, experimental social psychology, theoretical physics, and quantum mechanics.

The fourfold focus is on learning to love and trust yourself, practice mindfulness and meditation, face and release your pain, and pay attention to synchronicities. If you’ve been struggling to find answers on your own spiritual journey, you may find the answers here, because Bradley will direct you toward your own journey and your own experience. There is no need a teacher, a church, a religion, a dogma, or anything else. The truth is already within you – the truth of God’s presence as a being of infinite love.

“I am not a teacher; I am an explorer of the self.  My only goal is to point you toward the distant shore and then step out of the way.  You’re the one that has to take the journey.”

  1. William du Bois says:

    I presume that this will be a round table discusion as opposed to a dry, lifeless lecture…right?


  2. Blanche says:

    Sounds interesting. .


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