My Final Post Here

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since I am no longer living on the streets of Seattle, this will likely be my last post here. I have some ideas for what I want to do next in terms of blogging about my continuing spiritual journey, but it will take me a few more days to set everything up the way that I want to. Finishing my book is still my main priority. On top of that I’m working to make new contacts and connections here in Florida, and deciding how to best continue the work I started in Seattle.

Before I go though, I want to thank everyone who helped see me through the past few months – pretty much since I moved to the U-District in November, and after I chose to become homeless at the end of March. This includes my family; my ex-wife Sarah and my ex- girlfriend Vicki; the wonderful folks living on the ave: William, Charlie, Gustavo, Gregg, and dozens of others; the folks at The University Book Store, SureShot Cafe, Solstice Cafe, Starbucks, the Campus Market, American Apparel, and a few of the other places I used to frequent or sit in front of; the Bahai community from the museum, including Zabine, Milton, Bob, and many others; Rev Rich from the University Temple Methodist Church, and the many kind and generous people I met there… The list goes on and on.

I also want to thank every single person who accepted my invitation to come and talk about the nature of enlightenment. It is my hope that you got as much from it as I did because what I received from you was an amazing education in love, compassion, patience, listening, and sharing. The nature of the spiritual journey is not an easy one – but within our efforts to support one another, as members of an informal community, is the opportunity for us all to learn and grow, and to deepen within our own understanding of the self… looking beyond the self, and into our shared nature as aspects of a greater self – the One Self that is the essence of consciousness, the presence of love, the mind of God, and so much more – it is everything that is, and everything that is beyond what is. As I always remind people – we are all moments of synchronicity for one another – and you were all very important moments for me.

What I found on the streets of Seattle was an amazing sense of camaraderie that I have not experienced since leaving the military. What is truly amazing is that those who have so little would give so much. It was never about money, or about what anyone had in terms of the material things; it was about time, knowledge, and love – people sharing their time with one another, imparting knowledge to one another, and loving one another even when things got difficult. Yes, the streets are filled with drama and the love that arises is often hard won and temporary, but that is the life – what matters is when those moments arise, because it is by embracing them that we begin to experience what life could be like without the drama and the difficulties that we invite in, or that are thrust upon us.

No one should have to be homeless! While my journey led me to a place of deep spiritual acceptance of what is – the terrible beauty of the universe in its entirety, I am still working within my compassionate heart to figure out how to be an agent of change, a paladin of light, within the great darkness of our age. Homelessness is just one small part of a much larger problem – but it is not small to those experiencing it. It is their life – and it is not an easy one. Every human being is entitled to a safe place to sleep at night, protection from the elements, potable water to drink, healthy food to eat, a free place to use the restroom, access to healthcare, access to the Internet, access to education, and the opportunity to pursue their passions and in doing so, make a contribution to their communities. NO ONE SHOULD BE HOMELESS! And yet the homeless population in America continues to rise as the income inequaility spread continues to increase. There will be more and more people living on the streets, struggling to exist, not less…

I still call upon every person that reads this to wake up to the truth of our oneness – to know that how you treat the person in front of you requires you to look at that person as yourself. We are ALL the same person experiencing our own versions of this reality – all aspects of the same consciousness seeing through different sets of eyes. You are the person in front of you – you are the dog, the mouse, the tree, the flower, the sun, the stars – you are everything, and within that realization you are also nothing. You are the vessel through which awareness is experienced, through which consciousness is revealed in its highest form; but you are a temporary expression – here for but a short while, meant to experience life, progress your soul, and return to the source with your lessons when you fall away. While you are here, it is of the highest importance that you learn to see things as they are, live in the present moment, and nudge the moment in the direction of love and kindness whenever the opportunity arises; love and kindness for yourself, for all other beings, and for the earth.

You are worthy of love, so learn to love and trust yourself and to honor your own journey. You exist here, now, in this moment, so learn to practice mindfulness and meditation. You are subject to the confusion of your conditioned mind, so let go of your conditioning by learning to face and release your pain. The universe is guiding each and every one of us on our journey, so pay attention to synchronicity. And whenever we think we are done learning, we are standing in a trap – so always be wary of your traps so that you can move through them as quickly as possible. Let go of your concept of self and surrender to the will of God – seek to enjoy your experience of living, but within the framework of ‘enough’. Live a simple, humble, joyous life of gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. Walk with wisdom, and bring compassion to all situations where love meets difficulty. There are so many more things to add here – so much more to share – just be present. Slow down and be a participant in your own life and all will be made clear – rest in your own presence, your own beingness. Just be…

Until next time my friends – my love to you all…

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and learning with us! May we all learn to just be, and Love.


  2. What do you think about psychedelics?


    • Anonymous says:

      Everything is a tool of consciousness… Certain substances, in their natural form, can be powerful tools – and quite useful; so long as they do not become a crutch or an alternative to doing to real inner work that is required of us.


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