Understanding Synchronicity – Part II

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is part 2 of Chapter 6 from the draft manuscript of my book ‘Just Be’.

So yes, danger can be real – or rather it can seem real. If your body is just a temporary note within a greater harmony, destined to fade away; and the you that you think you are is entirely made up – what is in danger? Is danger itself real? The soul is not in danger. The soul is all that is real. The soul is love; the essence of God’s own beingness made manifest within a human body to observe, to experience, and to help progress the collective forward. A synchronicity can be good or bad, positive or negative, or it can be entirely neutral. Everything in life is meant to teach us something. This ties into the concepts of karma, karmic conditioning, and karmic cleansing. So if a homeless man runs up and punches you in the head, you have to decide what to do. Do you punch back, or do you ask him if he feels better now that he’s hit you? Were you meant to learn violence or forgiveness? Which one is loving? Which one do you pick? Which one enhances your karma, increases your vibrational energy, progresses your soul?

These are, of course, extreme examples of what the content of a synchronicity may include. We need not rest in fear; praying that we can avoid the pain of living or trying to escape the truth of our suffering. Just pay attention to your life and notice that everything is a synchronous moment, and that we are all moments of synchronicity for one another; good, bad, or indifferent. It all serves a purpose, and it is all in alignment with God’s plans for us. As Jesus told Pilate “You could have no power at all against me unless it had been given you from above”. Throughout this trial, Pilate was a moment of synchronicity for Jesus and Jesus for him. It was a terrible exchange on one hand, but on the other, it was a beautiful act of profound love. Both participants were playing out their roles, as moments of synchronicity for each other, and for all of us, as aspects of God’s presence in the world. Synchronicity is the harmony of motion itself, playing out throughout the universe, and God is the conductor.

The deeper meaning of synchronicity becomes even more apparent when you realize that each synchronicity is also its own causal chain of events with no discernable beginning and no discernable end; hence the clear connection between synchronicity and karma as two similar, and intertwining aspects of experiential reality within the world of our perceptions. A piece of music may have been a moment of synchronicity for you, and for a thousand others at different points in their lives. But it may have been a moment of synchronicity for the DJ to choose and play it, for the music company team to produce it, for the musician to write it. The musician wrote it in response to something that was a moment of synchronicity for them, with karmic ties extending upward and downward within the chain of events; everything unfolding as it must in order for every participant in the chain to add what was needed, and to extract what was needed, in terms of their own journey. The harmony playing out.

You may not even be the focus of a particular synchronicity – you may be completely tangential, or your role may have been so indirect you don’t even realize it. What T-shirt are you wearing today? Is it a moment of synchronicity for someone else, planned out in advance by God; introduced or reinforced within your consciousness when you purchased it, when you last washed it, where you put it in your closet or drawer, why you grabbed it today? Did you have a wild conversation on a street corner that was overheard by people passing by that altered their perception of things in that moment, perhaps altering some aspect of their day? Did you smile at someone in a hallway in a way that brightened their day, which they then took into a meeting and brought everyone else in the meeting up in spirits as well? And so on and so forth – a continuing ripple effect arising from every single act, every act tied to every other act, co-arising; karmic in nature and synchronicitic in expression. Beautiful in every way!

This gives some sense of why this chapter started with the statement that “synchronicity is the most powerful and most direct form of communication that he [God] uses with us”. Not only is it how God communicates with us, it is the very essence, texture, and flavor of our lives. Knowing what it is can completely shift our orientation to everything “ahhh, so I am suffering in this moment, what am I to learn from this series of synchronicities playing out in my life? Will I learn my lesson here and now? Will I ground myself in my experience, and be mindful of its content; see how it resonates with my inner being; see the love within it; celebrate it as the opportunity it is; and move through it with grace? Or will I cry about it, hate myself, hate life, hate God, and fall into despair? Knowing full well that if I choose the later, I am inviting more suffering – and it is me that is choosing to suffer.” Do you see the power in the perspective here? It goes beyond ‘positive thinking’. We see life as it truly is!

We must slow down, pay attention, discern that which resonates, move all things in the direction of love and kindness, learn our lessons, and more forward in our lives. Synchronicity is the teacher’s tool and God is the teacher. Synchronicity is the flow of life, the true river of time. Everything unfolds as it will, everything unfolds as it must. From the moment of the big bang to the final gasp of the universe, everything has already occurred – we are just perceiving it within our conception of time, as our perception of experience, through synchronicity. This is why God knows all, because he exists beyond time; as time, as the great sea of conscious awareness, as the flow of synchronicity. We are incapable of making mistakes because there is no such thing – there is only what is. And yet, what is is also what we make it. This one is harder to wrap the mind around, because it to gets to the question of free will; to live within the presence of God’s love, or in the absence of it.

To get lost in this line of thought is not useful. It does not change the here and now. Here and now the only thing that matters is the content of the moment before you, your orientation towards it, and whether or not you choose to nudge it in the direction of love and kindness. Love and kindness must always be the direction you move in – there can be no question about this; love and kindness for yourself, for others, and for the earth. Any synchronicity you see is ultimately geared to move you in this direction. If you choose to interpret a synchronicity in a way that moves you in a different direction, you have missed something. God is love – love is all there is. Synchronicity is the hand of God. That hand is pointing you in the direction of love. That hand is pulling you closer. Once you see the truth of it, you have no excuse for doing otherwise. Knowing that the truth is love and then ignoring that truth is the nature of sin – not the religious, nonsensical view of sin, but the arrogance of ignoring God.

So slow down and pay careful attention to the world around you – and begin to shift things around you. Listen to wholesome uplifting music so that your synchronicities are more clearly felt and moving in the right direction. Read books and periodicals that enliven the mind and uplift the spirit, learning about your world and how to orient yourself to it. Turn off the TV and live your life, or at least watch television programs that hold love and kindness at heart so the messages move you in that direction. Engage in your community and find people who are openly loving and kind – allow them to fill you with their love and you fill them with yours, as moments of synchronicity for one another. In other words, begin to take control of your life, in alignment with the plans God has for you, and allow the clarity of love and kindness to cut through the darkness of our day. Be diligent in your search for the light, see it when it’s there, know the darkness for what it is, and embrace the lesson that each moment offers.


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