Understanding Synchronicity – Part I

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is part 1 of Chapter 6 from the draft manuscript of my book ‘Just Be’.

God speaks to us in many different ways, but synchronicity is the most powerful and most direct form of communication that he uses with us, if we have eyes that see and ears that hear. Synchronicity, a term coined by Jung, encompasses all of the unexplained coincidences in life that are not coincidences. It could be a song that plays on the radio with lyrics you need to hear in that moment, or flipping to a random page in a book that sings to you and finding words on the page that are meant just for you, just in that moment. It could be a stranger that walks up to you on the street and asks you a question about something that you were just thinking about earlier that day, or it could be a sign posted on the side of a bus that answers a question you are asking yourself. It could be the repeated presence of a particular type of animal, or series of numbers that keep appearing to you over and over again.

Synchronicities can be beautiful and unsettling – sometimes both at once. But it is indeed God at work in the world.
All that we are arises from consciousness, with energy and matter brought into existence through consciousness. Consciousness is the container for the entirety of our universe and everything that we experience. Within consciousness, God has the ability to arrange things a certain way – whatever way he wants really. We may see really small things and think that they are coincidences, or we may witness very large things and label them as ‘miracles’. These events are both born of the same principle, the principle of synchronicity. When we experience a synchronicity, we are seeing God moving the universe in our direction, for our benefit, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. It is as if the hand of God is reaching down into our lives and pointing us in a particular direction. Synchronicities are like bread crumbs put on our path, by God, to lead us home. We have to be paying attention to see them though – which is one reason why mindfulness is so important.

Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps us to slow down. The more we slow our lives down the more we can focus on what is happening within our experience. The more we focus on observing the nature of our experience, as our experience unfolds, the more we see. We can think of synchronicity as a constant flow of information that is always around us – part of a stream of consciousness. Our lives are not really measured in time so much as they are in moment by moment synchronicities. Every second of our lives is a second of synchronicity. Time is our linear experience of shifting from yesterday to today to tomorrow, following calendars and clocks. Synchronicities are the ever present nature of the reality that surrounds us, here, now, in this moment, one moment to the next; as part of our true reality, seen through the illusory one. The only real question is whether or not you are paying enough attention to your life to see them, and whether or not you are conscious enough to recognize them.

This requires us to develop the sense of discernment. Discernment is the ability to recognize something that was meant for us as a moment of synchronicity. We discern between those things that resonate with us and those that do not. Synchronicities resonate because they contain meaning that is directly related to our current experience, something that is happening in our lives. If you tried to see meaning in everything, you’d drive yourself insane pretty quickly. Discernment is our built in sanity checker in action. You have to learn to walk with one foot in the truth, the harmony of motion; and the other in the realm of the illusion, the created world. You have to find balance between the two and see everything as it is – this allows you to discern more clearly. When a synchronicity arises, you need to assess its content, weight it in terms of your experience, and see if it resonates with you – with your inner being. It is indeed a skill, cultivated, much like mindfulness; a part of true mindfulness.

Discernment has a mind component and a heart component. Sometimes you need to use the logic and reason of your thinking mind. You have to examine things from multiple perspectives using inductive and deductive reasoning; looking at all sides and coming to the most likely conclusion. Sometimes you need to draw in the heart breath and get a sense of what your soul is guiding you towards. There may be a clear push or pull towards something, or just a subtle sense of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Sometimes a synchronicity is so obvious that you need not dissect it or even work to understand it. If you spend the morning listening to a radio station that plays music asking you to question your identity, and, as soon as you step outside, a stranger walks up and asks you to tell them who you are, you don’t need to really ponder on this too much. The chain of synchronicities are clear – it is then just a question of whether or not you learned what you were supposed to learn from the chain of events that unfolded.

Not all synchronicities are going to have positive content. In fact, a synchronicity may be very much counter to something that you want to see, or hear, or experience. Sometimes the synchronicity may be extremely dark, even terrifying. You may be called to do things that drip with evil. Here’s the thing – love and kindness are your guide; love and kindness towards yourself, towards others, and towards the earth. If you are being called into something dark through synchronicity, it’s not meant to guide you towards that darkness; it’s intended to show you that you are the light. Have you ever noticed that the Lord’s Prayer says ‘lead us not into temptation’? If the devil were the tempter, then why are you asking God not to lead you into temptation? God throws temptation at you to teach you about yourself. It is the devil within you; your confusion, that will grab a hold of the darkness and run with it. You have to ground yourself in love and hold fast to that love, resisting temptation, and thanking God for the lesson.

For instance, you may encounter synchronicities that beat you down as a human being, that crush your spirits, that leave you bereft of hope. But if you remain grounded in love, have faith, and allow things to unfold as they will, instead of getting wrapped up in them, you will see the truth on the other side. New synchronicities will arise on the back end of the experience that restore you, give you hope, and prepare you for the next phase of your journey. You will have grown stronger through the experience. You will have learned the lesson that was intended, or at least gotten some of it. If you do not learned the lesson, you may experience something similar again and again and again, perhaps in different ways, but all pointing in the direction of the same underlying pattern, whatever that pattern may be. Once you realize this process, the lessons become easier to withstand, eventually you take joy in your difficulties, even if you are having a hard time with them, because you see the truth of God at work.

Does this mean that a synchronicity may include real danger? Yes and no. Keep in mind that God loves your soul more than he loves you. The soul is real – your sense of self is not. The whole experience of life is meant to teach, to shape, to mold. If your synchronicities include true horrors – losing people you love, suffering torture, or even death itself, then these are the lessons that your soul was intended to learn. There is no evil in this – it just is what it is. At the very same time however, the nature of the human experience is intended to be a gift. We have suffered for so long now, so deeply, that it is time for a shift within our collective experience. We are consciousness progressing. We are ready for something new now. This means that we must work together to put an end to social injustices worldwide, through the power of love and kindness. This is what synchronicities are now preparing us for, making it all that more important that we pay close attention to each and every moment.


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