A Virus Within the Mind

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Imagine a world where a race of peoples lived in harmony – one with everything. One day, a meteor hit the planet and unleashed a living virus. This virus would infest the minds of the people, taking control of them. Trying to fight it just made it stronger. In the end they lost themselves to the virus.

Their bodies were no longer their own – and they were powerless to stop it. Their own consciousness was trapped, like a prisoner, deep within the body, but they had no control. All they could do was watch in horror as the virus in their minds began to destroy their bodies, and their world.

The consciousness within them wept, but could do nothing. It kept trying to find a foothold, trying to speak to the virus in loving tones ‘please let go of me, this body was my gift, it was not meant for you’. But the virus would not listen – it reveled in its domination of the body.

One day one of the people found a new way to enfold the virus within his consciousness. He began to work with the virus, chipping away at it with great love. Coaxing it into letting go – slowly, with great patience. Suddenly there was a shift – the virus was no longer in charge.

The consciousness had finally penetrated the mind, but the virus resisted in every way imaginable.  The virus screamed in rage, but the consciousness continued to work with the virus within his mind, until the virus stopped fighting and surrendered to the power of infinite love.

A truce was struck within the mind. ‘I am the consciousness, and this body is mine. But you are also a living being and need a place to exist. I will allow you to remain, but you will do so as love, playing by the same rules that I used to help us reach this point’. The virus agreed.

From this point forward consciousness became a guide for the virus, showing it how to be love, showing it how to see the light instead of the darkness, showing it how to live a life worth living as a being of infinite love, patience, and wisdom.  The virus became part of the harmony.

What is this story but the story of your soul and your ego, consciousness and the virus. There may not have been a meteor, and perhaps the birth of the ego was less dramatic than in this story, but the end result is the same, as is the answer to the problem.

But you are the virus – the ego. Your soul is asking you to listen. It will love you, teach you, and guide you. Will you listen? Will you let go of yourself? Will you allow the light to shine within you? Will you surrender and return to your true nature as a being of infinite love?


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