Details of My Own Journey

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Personal Stories

Many people ask me about my journey.  I usually stay away from such topics because the focus should be on you and your journey, not me and mine.  I’ve stood on the distant shore and am more interested in lending a hand to help you get here than I am in telling you how I got here myself.

With that said, I am now revealing the site that I was using to capture my journey.  Just before my spiritual awakening, around September, I was struggling with my darkness on multiple levels.  I needed to sort things out for myself, and writing was a big part of what I did to cope.

Keep in mind that spiritual awakening was NEVER my goal.  I was just writing about the journey I was on, the acceptance of my narcissism, and the steps I was taking to try and heal – despite that fact that everyone kept saying it was impossible to do.  However, I’m glad I was capturing everything.

I had stopped writing to this blog in mid December, just as it became clear to me that my ‘teacher’ was God, and things went into a new realm of depth for me.  At some point I may fill in some of the blanks in between December and March, when I started homelessontheave.  It’s not a priority at the moment though.

So, without further adieu, here is my story of awakening.  All of it, the ugly truth, the confusing journey, and the beautiful unfolding.  Just remember, your journey is more important than mine – I’ve already woken up to the truth and moved deeply through many layers.  Let’s focus on getting you here now…

My journey of my awakening:


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