Spiritual Teachers and Money

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Money

As the observer, I will readily admit that my preference to avoid the terms ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ within a spiritual context is my own issue – arising from a particular place. They are just words – and words only have the meaning that we give them. They only have the weight that we allow them to have. And yet I have a specific set of reasons for disliking this terminology – and I wish to share them here.

The concept of a student-teacher relationship carries with it the connotation that the student has something that the teacher can teach them. This is untrue when it comes to spirituality. Someone who ‘teaches’ spirituality is not a teacher. Everything you need you already have – if anything, he or she is just reminding you of a truth that you’ve forgotten.

This is the same reason why I do not accept money to share spiritual truths with people – and why I ask absolutely nothing in return for doing so. I’ve said before that these are not my words – I’ve emptied myself of myself to be an instrument. To charge people for sharing God’s words with them would be like ransoming God – blackmailing you for your soul.

In addition, we must always remember that we are all students, we are all teachers, and we are always learning from one another; we are all moments of synchronicity for one another. If you have forgotten this and consider yourself to be a ‘teacher’, then you have created an identity and added a point of division between you and the truth of all things.

You can, of course, approach the term ‘teacher’ softly, and with clarity, but for my own part I prefer to identify the note of harmony that is ‘me’ as an explorer of the self who freely shares what I have found. This is a far more accurate presentation of what an awakened being has to offer to others once their synchronicities have guided them towards sharing the truth with others.

I have seen far too many self-identified spiritual beings call themselves teachers – charging people money for the truth they’ve discovered within themselves – even if they themselves do not fully understand that truth. Some even go so far as to copyright their materials, or to trademark their particular brand of spirituality. What ridiculous notions.

Think for just one moment on this. God is a layer that exists beyond our experience, as a layer that is our experience, and a layer that is us experiencing. Every aspect of existence is rooted in the essence of God. God is the truth. God is what’s present within each and every one of us – we are all aspects of his essence, one with this essence in every way.

Some of us wake up to this – because it is our time. We find ourselves moving in the direction of the calling, unaware until we are aware. When we become aware, we begin to deepen in the direction of our synchronicities, which are God teaching us. Yes, God is the teacher – everything that comes to us about the truth of who we are comes from God. God is the source of everything; is everything.

In this way, and remembering that we are all moments of synchronicity for one another, the essence of life is to learn and grow – to progress our souls – to vibrate at higher energetic patterns of conscious energy. So we are all teachers, we are all students, we are all learning from one another, always. But if you self-identify as a ‘teacher’ then you’ve missed something very important.

You are not the teacher – you are the conduit. God is the teacher and you are his instrument. You do not get to claim anything, hold anything, or ask for anything, because what you are sharing is not yours – it already belongs to everyone. It is God’s – and we are all at one with God. If you think of yourself as a teacher, and if you charge for teachings, you have fallen into a trap.

If you justify this trap or rationalize your ‘need’ for money, saying to yourself that it’s okay to charge since you need to eat, and pay your mortgage, and drive your car – then you are indeed residing deeply inside a very insidious trap. You may think you need these things – you don’t. All you need is food and water – this is all that you actually ‘need’. The rest is wants.

If you want for more than food and water, this is fine – go out into the world and earn money doing something of the world. If you are using spirituality to fill your pockets though – then you are absolutely out of alignment with what you should be doing. Even if your synchronicities are opening doors for you – know that the doors are not about you earning money – it’s about sharing the truth.

If you make your living teaching spirituality, then you are lost on your path. If you are paying a spiritual teacher to teach you, then you are relying on someone who is lost on their path and is only going to lead you into their own trap – the same trap they themselves have rationalized and justified. Anyone asking for money for spiritual teachings is not teaching true spirituality.

Think upon the examples of Jesus and the Buddha. These men were true explorers who shared what they had found. They shared freely asking for nothing in return. They were both homeless beggars who wandered and preached. If people fed them, they ate. But they did not ask for anything – they just gave, selflessly, of themselves – always.

If you try to say ‘yeah, but our society isn’t like that today’ then you are rationalizing. Jesus was dealing with the Roman Empire and the Buddha was dealing with warring republics and kingdoms. They both had to live within the structures of their times – and yet they still let go of everything in order to do what God had called them to do – to share the truth, freely, with anyone who would listen.

Yes, you need to eat – and drink water – and use a bathroom from time to time. That’s really about it though. If you have enough to do these things, then you have enough. How much do you really need in order to cover these necessities though? You can sell what you have and probably eat for a while, or you can get a side job to cover your basic expenses.

If you find yourself needing to beg – don’t beg in return for anything, and don’t offer spiritual truths with an expectation of anything in return. Let generosity flourish in its truest form; the unrequested, unexpected gift of love from one being to another, born of a desire to give, not of a desire to satisfy an expectation. And have gratitude for what is received.

Some may say that I simply don’t understand – that I’m still too young within my spiritual awakening and that I am experiencing a spiritual high that is tied to my awakening, to my experience. I will tell you, with no degree of uncertainty – I have already been through those places – and I’ve already been through the rationalizations and justifications.

I moved past those places to a deeper place. To the place that Jesus and the Buddha, and many others had arrived at. The place where one knows – I must be okay with nothing to have everything. Having nothing is not required, but having only that which is necessary facilitates that which is possible. We need so little – we have so much to offer. Why not offer it freely?

This is selfless love; to sacrifice our comforts in order to being comfort to the world. God is love. This is the ultimate act of love; to let everything go in the service of God. And what does God ask of us? To share the truth with as many people as will listen, in whatever way synchronicity brings those people into our lives; to do so freely; with great love, compassion, and patience.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Note: God was singing to me, quite clearly, and quite strongly, through synchronicity after I posted this article. I tell you now, with absolute certainty, God wants this world to awaken! Anything we tell ourselves to rationalize something other than awakening all of humanity is absent of God and is born of your ego and your confusion. If you do not hear this call, then you have deeper to go in your own journey.


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