Getting to Know God – Part II

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Observations on Life

Continuing on from Part I, let us deepen into the scientific perspective. I’ve already spoken about the nature of the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson, and how our current model of physics understands these things to be the foundation of our existence in many ways. The use of science to explore our experience doesn’t end here though. It’s just the beginning.

The truth is, we have a lot of really interesting theories floating around within our collective consciousness that can be used to explain our own existence or the existence of God. Is everything dependent on the presence of infinitesimally small harmonic loops vibrating at specific energy levels? Are there multiple dimensions, multiple universes? Is our experience real, or are we holographic images being projected onto a one-dimensional complex manifold? What else could it all be?

Going back to my position of God as evolving and progressing, seeking to answer its own questions through us and our experience, one can draw from the nature of evolution as a whole, looking with an open mind, backward from the moment of the big bang, all the way to this moment, and ask some really interesting questions.

Did God evolve us first, or are we one aspect of a continuous process of evolution that extends from the great sea downward into multiple dimensional realities, of which our reality is just one layer? Are we the only representation or do other representations exist within other universal expressions of possibility?

What about alien life forms? Is the earth the only realm of conscious awareness present in the universe, or are we one of many. If we are one of many, where do we exist on the scale of evolutionary consciousness in comparison to other intelligent species? Are they just waiting for us to reach a particular point of awareness – the collective embrace of our oneness before inviting us to talk?

Any which way you slice it, there is indeed a story that is unfolding – a story that we can look at quite directly without a lot of creative analysis. All we really have to work with us our ability to observe the reality that we are experiencing. The beginning of this story starts with the big bang – that initial moment, whatever it was, that gave rise to everything that is within our present experience.

The big bang occurred some 13.7 billion years ago, and included several inflationary stages that occurred within fractions of a second. There was a huge outward force of energy and pressure that became an inconceivably hot plasma soup, which began to cool and coalesce into matter. As quarks and hadrons formed, nuclei and electrons began assembling. Then we had atomic structures appear.

With the presence of matter, gravity kicked in. Suddenly the expansion of the universe came to a screeching halt. Not a halt really, but a huge slow down. The opposing forces of negative pressure, in the form of dark energy, which we don’t really understand, and gravity, which we also don’t fully understand, began a tug of war. Everything slowed down, but distances continued to increase.

As the distance between celestial bodies continued to increase, the forces of gravity had less and less of an affect. About 5 billion years ago or so we hit a critical density point where the negative pressure of expansive dark energy overcame the resistance of gravity, accelerating universal expansion. This is what we see now in the red-shifting of galaxies as they move away from us at an ever increasing pace.

This is where we start to ask fun questions about consciousness and our ability to perceive and experience the universe in its entirety. When we look at the critical density of matter in the universe required to result in our experience of the universe, omega must be a density of one. But based on our current ability to measure matter, everything that we can see, gives us a result of only .05 of omega.

This means that we can only see about 5% of our reality. The rest of it, some 95%, is invisible to us; hence our use of the terms dark matter and dark energy. Even within this division we are left with some interesting observations. Correlation of a number of scientifically derived observational data points tells us that the actual breakdown is around 5% observable matter, 23% dark matter, and 72% dark energy.

Even more fascinating, how is it that we are even here to ask these questions – to experience this reality, to want to better understand it. Is consciousness an emergent property of an evolving universe, or was it always within the intent of our divine creator to arrive at this point? Was this entire reality created for us as a microcosm of experience within a greater reality, or is this all there is?

What is consciousness and how does it allow us to participate in this reality? How do the interactions of consciousness, energy, and matter, observable or otherwise, intertwine? Will we ever be able to look past the point of the big bang? Will we ever know if other dimensional or universal realities exist? There are so many fascinating questions to ask… Indeed, to be conscious is to question.

All of this is to say that God is amazing – and that we must stand in awe of the greatness and mystery of his creation. To fully honor this creation we must endeavor to understand it though. We cannot just stand idly by and watch our experience pass us by without learning how to become one with our experience. This is why science cannot stand alone in terms of methods of discovery.

To truly understand all that there is we must draw from both science and spirituality. Science tells us about our physical reality, while spirituality tells us about our internal reality. Only by exploring the two together can we even begin to understand our experience of existence. At certain points within this exploration, we make profound discoveries and achieve amazing realizations.

This is all part of where we stand today my friends. Again I say that we stand on the precipice of the great awakening of all mankind. As we see a rise in the desire for greater spiritual understanding, absent confusing and misleading religious doctrines; and we continue to seek deeper meaning through scientific discovery, we offer ourselves an opportunity to bring about this awakening.

It doesn’t come about by asking these big questions though. As I’ve already stated several times, the big questions are like toys for us to play with once we’ve gotten ourselves to a certain point. Absent the deeper realizations that accompany awakening to the underlying truth of all things, science is just a game that we are playing at. Our focus must be on awakening, and seeing the truth for ourselves.

So, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing this series, I want to redirect you back to what I’ve been saying over and over again. Take your own journey and look within yourself to find answers that are uniquely meant for you. Become the being of infinite love that you were meant to be, absent the confusion of your conditioned mind, and join me in the search for deeper meaning that is meant to be ours together as one.


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