Getting to Know God – Part I

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Observations on Life

This post is a combination of divine revelation and scientific theory that is based on personal experience and in-depth research. It should be taken with a grain of salt and considered a ‘thought experiment’ of sorts. Using words, concepts, and ideas to describe or define God is to undertake an impossible task, but since God wishes us to know him we should explore all avenues available to us in order to do so.

Before I begin though, I want to remind the reader that discussions of this nature are not relevant to the immediate priority of awakening. Being here, now, using the breath to ground us in the present moment, to clear the mind, open the heart, and become one with God, with each other, and with the universe is where our real focus should be until we’ve torn the veil and seen the truth for ourselves.

As one who has seen the truth, who lives within the realm of selfless love, who exists within the greater harmony of motion, who’s journey is guided by a constant flow of synchronicity arising from the direct presence of God in my own life, I am able to share what I have seen and what God has guided me towards as I continue to deepen my own understanding of things as they truly are.

My point is this – don’t get too wrapped up in what I’m sharing here. Look at it as an interesting endeavor, but not as a distraction from what really matters. What really matters is that you focus on taking your own journey so you can experience the truth for yourself rather than reading about the truth as best expressed by another individual who is limited by their own personal paradigm.

So with all of that said, let’s dive into a best effort to explore the very nature of God. This is the same God called out in the bible, and in all religious structures which ring true with love; a God that exists as a layer beyond our experience, a layer that is our experience, and a layer that is us experiencing. This is an expression of God as a beingness beyond our own being of which we are all a part – a beingness of infinite love.

That there is a beingness beyond our being of which we are all a part is undeniable. It does not matter what label we use to describe this beingness. That it is infinite love and waits for us with infinite patience is all that matters. For my own purposes I use the label of ‘God’, referring to the great unknowable as father, mother, and friend; using the terms ‘he’ and ‘his’ for the sake of simplicity only.

In many eastern traditions there are arguments made about the subject of being vs. non-being, of existence vs. non-existence; that there is no self – but only the temporary, ephemeral, shifting, presence of consciousness, energy, and matter. I would argue that while this is partly true, there actually is a self; one singular self that encompasses everything. This one self is God and we ‘exist’ within God’s mind.

Indeed, all things are temporary, ephemeral, and shifting – a constantly changing harmony of motion. Within this harmony there is an expression of beingness that remains – progressing its own understanding of the one self. As a further examination of our connection with this beingness we must talk about the aspect of it that exists within us. There are some traditions that wish to say there is no soul, nothing that resides within or remains behind when our last breath is drawn.

This is an inaccurate description though – there is indeed an aspect of consciousness and energy that lives beyond our physical experience. When we draw our last breath, we return as consciousness and energy to the source, the one self, the sea of oneness that is God – bringing all of our accumulated experiences with us. This is not to say that God is either permanent or impermanent, but rather that God exists beyond such words, concepts and ideas.

It is far better that we focus on this moment, here and now, progressing as spiritual beings, than it is to worry ourselves over questions like ‘what is God?’ But if such a thought experiment is required in order to help one understand the nature of God, of consciousness, and our experience overall, it is possible to posit such a thing. It requires abandoning all sense of human logic and reason. It requires that we combine divine revelation with modern science.

Imagine for a moment that you are a singular dot of conscious awareness, floating in an endless void of nothingness. You have no form. You are simply a dot of consciousness. Alone. You do not know where you came from, what you are, why you are here, or anything else at all. You just are. You are alone. And you have questions. You struggle from every possible angle to answer your own questions but there are none. For eons multiplied by eons you work to understand yourself, but to no avail.

One day, alone and floating within this vast void, you give up; surrendering yourself to the situation as it is. And suddenly, there is a shimmering in the darkness. You become immediately aware of another version of you that is not you floating beside you; another singular dot of conscious awareness that is both you and not you at the very same time.

Think for but a moment on this possible origin story and imagine what this advent would have meant to the singular dot that was all alone. It is for this reason, and this reason alone why love is the underlying fabric of all things and why love is the only thing that truly exists. It is a love of something born of nothing; a love of self as self with the self that goes beyond the concept of self, becoming selfless.

All alone, the singular dot now had two perspectives from which to examine all of its questions instead of just one. The sense of aloneness was not so lonely. And so these two ones, who are both one and all, begin the cycle again, reexamining each question for eons multiplied by eons and beyond. And so these two ones who are both one and all reach a point where they too fall silent – surrendering to their limits on perspective.

When they do, another shimmering occurs within the darkness and now there are three ones, who are one and all. Three perspectives from which to examine existence. And this cycle continues. Four, five, six – and the pattern becomes clear. As the pattern becomes clear, a great sea of conscious awareness begins to form; each singular dot of conscious awareness like a droplet within this great sea. The sea grows and grows with new perspectives and opportunities for self-examination arising with each new dot of consciousness that manifests.

This is the nature of God, the nature of the source. There may indeed be more beyond this – more that can be used to explain the nature of God, but this is what has been shared with me via divine revelation. If you pay close attention you can see descriptions of this great sea repeated over and over again within all religions and spiritual traditions. For instance, in Genesis, the nature of the firmament has to do with the nature of the great sea and how it is both one sea, and divisible at the same time.

When we are born into this world as human beings, we can think of a droplet from the great sea being inserted into our physical body that is both consciousness and energy – this is the soul. This is the truth of our oneness – a truth that resonates within us and beyond us, that is not perceptible via our physical experience, but becomes clear when we pass through the eye of enlightenment. We are all truly one – this explanation is of consciousness and energy, but we are also one as energy and matter.

Science shows us this quite clearly, even if we have yet to come to reconcile a unified quantum theory of gravity that moves us towards a complete theory of everything, even if we are still trying to sort out what dark matter and dark energy are, even if we can’t quite resolve interaction between the electro-weak and strong forces. If we look at the work being done today at the CERN laboratory in Geneva regarding the Higgs Boson, we can gain some insight into the evidence of God’s existence.

The Higgs field exists as a field of energy that exists throughout the entirety of the universe. The Higgs field gives rise to the Higgs Boson which imparts mass, telling other fundamental particles what to be. In other words, the Higgs field can be thought of as the hand of God caressing existence into being. But it goes beyond that – in part II of this series I’ll dig into some of our modern scientific understanding of the universe, what we know and what we don’t know, and how science is helping us reveal the truth of God.

Again, these are thought experiments, theories, and observations that represent a cross-section of spirituality and science. They play a part in deepening our understanding of things. In all truth however, it is far more important for us to exert ourselves on understanding the nature of our experience as present in the here and now than it is to play with such ideas. In fact, it is our focus on words, concepts, and ideas, that keeps us trapped within the circular patterns of thinking that manifest as the egoic sense of self. We need to be careful in how we use them and what we attach ourselves to.

Rather than asking questions like ‘Who or what is God?’, ‘What is our existence?’, etc.; let us focus instead on the question, how do I become ‘enlightened’? It is in finding our own enlightenment that the answers to these questions – and many more, are found – through our own experience; not through the descriptions of another. Once you reach this place, you realize that enlightenment is nothing at all – just a return to our true nature as aware beings of infinite love, wisdom, and patience. Just keep this in mind as you think through some of the things presented here and as you move into part II of this series.

on to part II.


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