The Question of Resources

Posted: May 3, 2015 in Personal Stories

This post in a longer response to a question that was asked on my welcome page. The basic question was whether or not I am getting the ‘true’ homeless experience while I have ‘resources’ available to me. The real answer to this question is quite complicated, so I thought I’d write a more detailed explanation.

First, my main goal here on the streets is not to experience homelessness. I am not here doing some sort of social experiment or writing a book on the issues. I am not homeless because I want to be. I am homeless because I’ve reached a point in my spiritual journey where this was the next step.

One must look back at the lives of Jesus and the Buddha and understand that I am following in their footsteps. These men left their lives behind in order to share the truth of enlightenment with all who would listen. They embraced all of humanity and did everything they could to awaken others.

This is the true nature of what I am doing out here on the streets. I spend my days talking to people about the nature of the spiritual journey, how they can achieve their own enlightenment, and how they can become one with all things – including God. I share freely and I talk to many people.

That I am homeless is just a consequence of moving through the eye, standing on the distant shore, and looking back to see the world for the mirage that it is – the illusion that we have created with our social agreements. It is what God has asked of me – to leave my life behind and help guide others.

But God has also taken care of me to ensure the success of my efforts. He does not want me concerning myself with asking people for money or trying to survive in the grit and grind of a truly destitute, hopeless, homeless experience. Such things would be a serious distraction from the real goal.

If I were in a position where I needed to ask people for money, or food, or anything else for that matter, it would cloud my ability to engage people in a selfless manner. I am here to awaken others, not to suffer needlessly. I’m sacrificing quite a bit as it is – but it is not suffering – it is love.

One must keep these things in mind when trying to understand my orientation on the subject of homelessness. I am indeed homeless, but not in order to be homeless or to take up the fight against homelessness. My focus is to help others find the truth of all things within themselves.

That I am homeless has opened my eyes to the realities of what homelessness is, the many causes of it, the impact that it has on people, and so on. It has also made me keenly aware of many specific social injustices that exist – all of which are a great sadness in my heart.

But homelessness is just one symptom of our confusion. What of war, famine, global warming, racism, sexism, slavery, etc.? These are all equally terrible – and all arise from the same root cause – the confusion of the conditioned mind. Why treat a symptom when you have the cure to the disease?

I may indeed take up certain causes from time to time – social injustices that exist within the illusion. But from my perspective spending too much time on them is a distraction. I can help lend my voice to championing one cause, or I can champion the one cause that resolves all social ills – awakening.

Logically speaking, if you were God and you wanted a messenger of truth to arise in the middle of a heavily populated city, you would probably orchestrate things in a manner very much consistent with the way things have been arranged to support me and the continuation of my journey.

You would prepare the individual first – showing them the darkness of our selfish, narcissistic society. Then break them of their ego – guiding the person to willingly let go of everything – with great love and patience. You would teach the person, a little at a time, how to survive as a light in the darkness.

You would make sure that the person suffered as needed to teach them who they are, what they are here to do, and how to do it. But you would not add unnecessary levels of suffering – or add unnecessary distractions. The focus is on the goal, not on the suffering.

When ready, you would move that person out into the world, making sure that their basic needs are taken care of so they can focus on the goal. This person would begin to learn new lessons and see life from a new perspective, always adding to their understanding and helping them shape their message.

You would expect this person to continue deepening within his or her understanding of things, learning how to be true to his or her journey despite the efforts of society to dissuade them of the goal. Teaching them how to be love within a society that is skeptical, even afraid of selfless love – making every excuse to avoid it.

And this is where I am today. My basic needs are met without having to ask anyone for anything, and yet I am willing to offer everything to anyone. Not in terms of resources – it’s not about that, though I do feed other homeless people quite regularly. It’s about offering people the greatest gift of all – the gift of their own awakening.

If someone wishes to challenge this position – to suggest that I should give away everything and then see how it works – what life is ‘truly’ like when you have absolutely nothing. I would ask you to show me the way instead of telling me how I should engage in my journey. In other words ‘you first’.

Even then, I will simply remind you that my journey is not about homelessness, it’s about the cause of homelessness itself; the cause of all suffering and misery that we experience in this world on a daily basis. I am here to help others move from the perception of self to the realization of the selfless.

So resources or no resources – resources are not the nature of my journey. God has enabled me to do my work without having to ask others for anything. It’s that simple. You may or may not agree with my position – but that is not my concern. I am honoring my own journey – and I am guided by God as I take each step.


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