Confusion Leading to Greed

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

This subject will likely be covered across a number of articles, so let’s consider this an opening salvo.

Love is the only thing that is real in this universe. All things are love given form to serve a purpose. We ourselves are love given form to serve a purpose. Our purpose is to be love. Anything that is absent of love arises from the confusion of the conditioned mind.

What is greed but an aspect of this confusion? Greed arises as part of the selfishness that accompanies a self-centered mindset. Since there is but one self that contains everything; the mind of God, there is no separate independent self to begin with. Hence the cloud of confusion – and the clarity of the cure.

If we leave behind our sense of self by undoing the conditioning, at the core of our being we discover that we are all one. We are all one as consciousness, as energy, and as matter. We are all temporary, shifting, ephemeral, ever-changing parts of a greater harmony of motion.

I am you. You are me. I am the tree, the flower, the car, the bridge, the roof, the chair. No? You don’t agree?  What were you a thousand years ago, what will you be a thousand years from now? You are all of these things and more. We are all of these things together. It is within our oneness that unity is found.

Unity is the perspective from which we can examine topics like greed and see them for what they are. Greed is a condition of confusion that is grounded in separation. It contains additional emotional components like lack and desperation specific to ‘I, me, mine’. All of which is false.

This does not mean that we need to set aside our needs and our wants. Our physical experience of living still requires food, water, shelter, health, education, and entertainment. But our attachment to excess is hugely problematic on multiple levels, especially when some people have nothing at all.

If you own multiple houses, several cars, eat lavish meals, fly around on your private jet, and strip the world of its resources in order to grow your own personal fortune, chances are you think you are successful – you think you’ve really made it. But the only thing you’ve done is separate yourself.

I’ll talk more about the nature of sharing and the goal of proper resource distribution in future articles; reminding people that God gave us this world. It does not belong to us. We are its caretakers and its children. But when children are starving in our world – there is no excuse for greed!!!

I do not care, not one iota, what rationalizations you attempt to use for your behavior. If you are someone who hoards wealth – living to excess, reveling in your sense of accomplishment, failing to see the world around you as it really is; then you are lost.

And what is the most common rationalization used by the rich and powerful? “God wants us to be profitable. God rewards us with financial riches.” This is the greatest lie ever told over the course of human history – the overwhelming majority of what’s in the bible says exactly the opposite!

God recently placed a wonderful pamphlet in my hand from Reverend Rich Lang of the University Temple United Methodist Church called “Left Wing Jesus: Reading the Bible as a Liberal”. It includes a very detailed explanation of what the Bible actually says on this subject:

The grand theme of God’s liberation includes:
• The rejection of empire-building
• The rejection of religious hierarchy
• The rejection of status, position, and privilege
• The rejection of the after-life as the goal of life
• The rejection of violence, including military violence
• The embrace of justice defined by the economic practices of Jubilee
• The embrace of spiritual equality where all are welcome
• The embrace of the poor, the outcast, the excluded
• The embrace of repairing the earth
• The embrace of nonviolent peacekeeping as a way of life

Of course this perspective differs markedly from what we are used to hearing come from many of the loud, vocal, and terribly confused people who line themselves up on the political right and try to use the Bible as an excuse for their apathy and hatred. But it is the truth. God is love. Period!

Why then is there so much greed, so much selfishness, so much jealousy, and so many other things that arise from a similar place of separation. It is our confusion – the confusion of the conditioned mind. The conditioned mind is the absolute root cause of all misery in our world.

Jesus Christ taught enlightenment. The Buddha taught enlightenment. All of the greatest spiritual leaders across the entirety of human existence have taught enlightenment. We may call it different things in different cultures, but we are all talking about the same thing.

There is a beingness beyond our being of which we are all a part. The labels that we use do not matter. That it is infinite love and waits for us with infinite patience is all that does matter. Enlightenment is nothing more than clearing the mind, opening the heart, and reaching into this beingness.

When you do these things for yourself; looking inward instead of outward or upward for answers, you experience the truth of our at-one-ment for yourself and begin to hear God’s voice speaking within you, guiding you, showing you the true path. The path of selfless love.

So I say ‘be love’, empty yourself of yourself and allow yourself to be used as an instrument of God. Leave behind your conditioning and your confusion, reach into your own being and discover the truth for yourself. When you do, things like greed disappear – and there is only abundance.

This is what I am here to share with the world. What God has called me to do – to awaken humanity to the truth by being a light that shines so brightly in this world that it cannot be ignored. But it is our collective will, as true people of God, that will ultimately set us free from our emotional enslavement.

The time is now…


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