Building a Business

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Doing Good Works

Right now there are a few of us putting our heads together to create a company that would allow some of the homeless in this area to make a contribution and earn some money to feed themselves.

We are still in the very early stages, but the general idea is to build an umbrella company that would take care of all overhead, licensing, taxes, etc. while allowing those who have skills and passions to market those skills and passions to others in an exchange of services, barter, or direct pay.

I plan to fund the initial startup costs myself – not worrying about the money. No one who takes a lead in this project will make money from the company itself. Instead, if we had something to offer of our own, we’d set up our own profile pages just like any of the other “displaced entrepreneurs” that we represent.

Examples might include people who do art, play instruments, do crafts, work construction, etc. They are on the street but that does not make them useless. Many of them simply don’t want to work traditional jobs because they value their freedom; but they would happily engage in work directly related to something they love if given the opportunity to do so. Therefore, we are working to give them that opportunity.

We are now meeting on a weekly basis as a pseudo board of directors until we’ve made some key decisions about how to best proceed. Additional information will be made forthcoming as it becomes available.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why have you never mentioned this? -Patrick


    • Anonymous says:

      I have… Remember when I asked you about building a profile? It’s not the primary focus of what I’m working on right now though. Helping people see the truth is my primary area of emphasis.


  2. Colby says:

    how i can i help get this started? email me


    • Anonymous says:

      This was something under consideration, but I’ve stepped away from it for now. The idea has merit, but it is not my primary focus – awakening others is.


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