Why I Don’t Take Money

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Our Broken World

When I sit in front of the UW book store with my little sign, many people are surprised that I will not accept money from them.

What I share can be extremely valuable to a person – indeed, giving someone the gift of themself is the most priceless gift that an awakened being can offer to one who has not yet seen the truth. That being said, it is my personal belief that taking money to tell you something you already know but just haven’t realized would be like highway robbery.

Not only that, but when one truly moves through the eye, they find God staring back at them. To know that I’ve made myself empty of my concept of self in order for God to use me as a vessel means that I’d be charging people money for words that aren’t even really mine to begin with. It’s like holding God hostage and demanding a ransom.

Lastly, when one has truly awakened and stepped all the way through the doorway, the beauty of what is on the other side compels you to share, freely, the truth of what you have found. It is not just a gift for you, but a gift for all of humanity – all the world. If you have found the truth, you are obligated to share it with others.

Asking for money – using the excuse that “I need to make a living” is nonsense. If you are truly enlightened then you need very very little – a few handfuls of food and a bit of warm clothing. The Buddha had nothing more than his robes and his begging bowl and he was the happiest man alive. Money clouds everything and takes away from the exploration of the self to realize the selfless.  Stating otherwise is just a rationalization.

I’d rather be homeless and starving, sharing the truth with anyone who will listen, than telling people they need to pay me or give me something in exchange. Instead I tell people to practice generosity with strangers – if they want to give me something, give it to someone else instead – and then keep giving.

So no, I will not take money for spiritual teachings. Not now, not ever… Money is a disease anyway, but that is a tale for a different post. 😉


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