The Power We Have – Part I

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Our Broken World

This is going to be a difficult post for a lot of people to read. Mainly because I am going to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that YOU are responsible for all of the suffering in the world. You are responsible for war, famine, hatred, greed – all of it. You are personally responsible for all of the darkness that we experience in our everyday lives.

You shake your head and say “not me, I’m a good person”. I agree you ARE a good person! But you have been sucked into a lie! You just don’t see the lie or realize your role in supporting the lie because society tells you that the lie is okay. We have all agreed to accept the lie – in doing so, we have given away our power, sacrificed our happiness, and denied the love of our creator.

Let me ask you a question… Are you happy? I mean really? Before you answer, let me tell you what true happiness is. What it feels like. True happiness is being fully present in the moment, no matter what the moment holds for us, and not getting caught up in the stories that we tell ourselves about the moment. True happiness is simplicity. True happiness is joy. True happiness is love.

What we call happiness in our lives today is usually a temporary sensation of excitement or satisfaction brought about through external accolades and acquisitions. If we encounter something painful in our lives we try to ignore it or run away from it by diving back into seeking more accolades and acquisitions. Whatever it is we can do to make the pain go away.

A lot of us eat, or shop, watch TV, play video games, drink, do drugs. Many of us exist on a steady diet of denial and anti-depressants while we try to make our way through the daily grind. We get up every morning, struggle to get going, spend the day at work, spend the evening taking care of things, and then we go to bed. Doing the same things day in and day out – until the weekend comes.

On the weekends we have a different set of priorities, but the general flow of things isn’t all that much different. We spend our weekends catching up on things, running around to do errands, cleaning the house, taking the kids places. We may be able to fit in some time with friends or take a break by getting away for a few hours. Eventually even our weekends have their own repetitive nature.

At night we lay awake, worrying about the bills, worrying about the family, worrying about our jobs and our never ending ‘to do lists’. We are angry and bitter about how much of ourselves we are required to sacrifice and we wrap ourselves up in a personal story about how hard life is. Even those who pretend that everything is wonderful can relate to what happens when they are alone in their own minds.

When we watch TV or read the news we see all of these horrible things happening in the world. People starving, people dying, wars, hatred, death… We blame the government for their stupidity, we blame religion for the wars. We blame our jobs, our families, and our society for our own personal sense of suffering. We blame each other and we blame ourselves.

And yet we continue to do the same thing every day, repeating the same course of action over and over again while expecting a different set of results. We give our power away to external forces failing to realize just how much power we truly have as individuals and as a collective. This is why I say that we are indeed personally responsible for all of the suffering in the world. We allow it!

But why do we allow it? What is it about the lie that keeps us all so trapped? How is it that we’ve fallen so far that all we have left is our bitterness and our sense of self-righteous indignation that we then use as a justification for telling everyone else how they should live? Why do we either give up completely or throw ourselves into a place of blind faith and false hope?

It is because taking responsibility is hard. Doing something about it is even harder! But this is where our power as a society lives. Sure, it’s easy to sit around with your friends or coworkers talking about the injustices in the world while sipping on $5 lattes while playing with your iPhone, failing to recognize all of the suffering that goes into the latte – all of the suffering the goes into the iPhone.

No one wants to hear this message. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Or rather your attachment to comfort, to security; to things, money, and power is the problem. Our continued sense of entitlement and our distinct misunderstanding of the difference between needs and wants is the problem. This is also why the lie is so powerful. We all want to be comfortable and so we give away our power for it.

Then, when we suffer because of the lie, we pretend our suffering doesn’t exist or we fall more deeply into the lie. It becomes a vicious soul-sucking cycle from which there is no real return. Or is there? This is why the lie has so much power. We feed it and it feeds us. It becomes a dance of narcissism and codependence – and we are all driven insane by it. The insanity is the new normal.

Think for a moment. Which of us is truly insane? The person who gives up the pursuit of worldly pleasures and finds true happiness in simplicity and love, or the person who sacrifices their happiness to be a cog in a wheel and achieve ‘success’ as defined by an insane world view? Which of us will die with a smile on our face?

This is not to say that we shouldn’t be comfortable! Indeed, every human being should be entitled to a safe place to sleep at night, protection from the elements, healthy food to eat, potable water to drink, clean air to breath, free health care, access to the internet. The basics! Our problem is with excesses – with having far more than we need and always wanting more!

The answer to our dilemma is quite simple, but requires courage and commitment. Do we have the strength to do something about it? Are we ready to step out of the illusion and take back our power as a people, as a nation, as a world? In today’s age the most powerful tool we have available to us is our ability to “vote with our wallets”.

I hate to say this because indeed it is money itself – the greed for money and power that is the true culprit. Most of us are just trying to get by in our lives, just trying to obtain some level of comfort and security for ourselves. It’s the goals and objectives of the people that we are giving our power away to that has resulted in the experience of our world as it exists today.

Before I go any further we must stop to recognize a few basic facts about our existence as human beings. It’s easy to take a lot of what I’m saying and assume that I am angry and am advocating a revolution. To some extent I am, but it is a revolution of consciousness born of love, wrapped in understanding and forgiveness that I am actually advocating for.

On the Part II –


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