Why Helping Matters

Posted: March 15, 2015 in Sidewalk Spirituality

On the streets you’ll often see me carrying a small sign that says “Freely Sharing the Secrets of Enlightenment”.  If you ask me to do so, I will tell you what enlightenment is, where it will take you, and how to achieve it for yourself.  I usually craft the message in a manner that is specific to you, but this is a generalized summary that covers some of the basics.

All things in this universe are love given form to serve a purpose. We ourselves are love given form to serve a purpose. Our purpose is to be love.  To move through this life with love, kindness, generosity, gratitude, and grace.  To use forgiveness as the mechanism by which we embrace one another.  For at the end of the day we all arise from a singular sea of conscious awareness.

We are all one!  We are all one as consciousness.  We are all one as energy.  We are all one as matter.  Neuroscience includes the study of consciousness and it shows how our minds work together as one movement.  Quantum mechanics and quantum field theories show us how energy is one movement.  Particle physics and our study of matter shows us quite clearly that all physical forms are one movement.  It is all a harmony – as one.

Indeed there is a beingness that exists beyond our being of which we are all a part. It does not matter what labels we use – that this beingness is the absolute expression of infinite and ever-patient love is all that matters. For my own part I call this beingness God. If we can cut through all of the dogma and attachment to beliefs that we have and agree that God is infinite love, we could be a far nobler people.  One people…   A loving people…

Love is the only thing in this entire universe that is real. Everything else – all of the darkness, the evil, the hate, the greed, the suffering – all of it arises from the confused minds of men, not from God. The basic question of ‘free will’ can be answered quite simply by understanding that you can either live in the presence of God’s love, as love; or you can exist outside of it, in a state of confusion.

What is this confusion? It is our attachment to the concept of “the I am that is not”. Stated more clearly, it is the attachment we have to our conditioned, circular patterns of thinking. From the moment that we arise as a newborn baby, our families and our society begin to mold and shape our minds, which then define our perceptions and orientations with regard to our experiences.

By the time we are a young adult we are subjected to a never-ending barrage of nonsense by society that defines success in terms of money, power, and things. We get trapped in this social construct – the illusion. Part of this has to do with language and the use of words, how those words are formed within our minds, and the stories that we tell ourselves about who we think we are.

Most of us are so caught up in the illusion that we don’t even realize what we are doing to ourselves or how far we’ve really fallen from the oneness of God and each other. Selfless love, arrived at naturally as the outcome of following our own path and taking our own journey, with God, is the purest expression of divinity available to us as human beings.  This is what it means to awaken.

We can arrive at this place through meditation and mindfulness – by loving and trusting ourselves, practicing loving-kindness towards others, facing our pain and letting go of it, honoring the endless array of synchronicities that play out in our lives every day, and more. The more of this we do, the more we come into energetic alignment with God and the more we honor our creator.

The journey is not an easy one, but it is a healing one. If you pay attention, practice, and trust in God; if you follow the path laid out by the example of Jesus, combined with the teachings of the Buddha, the acceptance of our oneness, and the study of science; if you learn to let go of your thoughts so that they no longer govern your experience; you can discover within yourself true inner love, wisdom, and peace.

What does this have to do with homelessness? Homelessness – and all other forms of man-made suffering; including racism, sexism, famine, war, slavery, environmental destruction, etc., can be dissolved by embracing the truth of our existence as beings of love. We can no longer stand on street corners screaming about the injustice of it all. It is time for us to awaken…

Let it begin here and now, with you.


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