Feeding the Hungry

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Doing Good Works
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I’ve been a vegan since 2004. Since my spiritual awakening in October 2014, I’ve narrowed my food selections down even further – to the point of being a fruitarian. In other words, I practice ‘do no harm’ to the greatest possible extent that one can while living within the framework of modern society.

Most of what I eat includes fruits, vegetables, and nuts that do not require damaging the plants that they are obtained from. I drink filtered or bottle water – and tea. It is a very simple and very healthy diet.  When I spend my money on food for the homeless I spend it on the things that I myself consume.

It is often said that beggars can’t be choosers. While I agree to some extent, those who give should consider the bigger picture when it comes to giving. Anything is better than nothing – of course this is true, but healthy things are better than unhealthy things. So I give healthy things.

Sometimes my offers are rejected and I’m asked to buy pizza or other unhealthy foods. This is simply not how I live – what I believe determines how I live, and I believe that the best way to help someone is to take care of the whole person – not just to satisfy their hunger, but to keep them healthy.

I do not offer money to the homeless. In fact I purposely avoid carrying money with me – because if I have it I will give it to them. I deplore the use of money – and our reliance on it as a society. We need to trade in real goods, not valueless paper and imaginary 1’s and 0’s.  I use what little I have to feed myself and to help feed others.

My goal is to shake the system itself out of its deluded belief that money is real – and to fundamentally alter our society from a money-based mentality to a needs-based one. Money and power, worshiped in this culture and rooted in greed, is what keeps people on the streets. Let’s work together to fix it.

Every human being is entitled, through the grace and will of God, to have a safe place to sleep, protection from the elements, healthy food to eat, potable water to drink, clean air to breathe, medical and dental care, access to the internet, and the opportunity to pursue the things that move them.

It is the confusion of man that is preventing this from happening – and it is this that must be changed…

  1. Blanche says:

    ..may your kindness and message inspire others to ” pay it forward ” many times over..

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