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Homelessness is a tragic consequence of our broken economic system, failed political leadership, and misguided social order. Many of us look at the homeless as lazy, drunken, drug addicts who are loud, obnoxious and smelly people who get what they deserve. And yet all that separates us from them is a thin line – one large medical bill, a problem at work, a bad stock investment – and boom! The homeless people that you would have never made eye contact with before are suddenly the ones that you are laying down beside every night.

And what about the teens and young adults who have no food and sleep in doorways because they are generationally homeless, ran away to escape from abuse, or never really had anyone at all that cared for them. What about the old man who did everything right in his life, but as he got older things began to go sideways on him – and now, instead of enjoying his retirement years, he is starving and freezing on the streets. What if it were you son, daughter, father, mother, brother sister, and so on? Most of us don’t see it this way – but we should – for more reasons than one.

For the most part our answer is to either ignore them, or make their lives harder, to preach at them, to tell them to get jobs and stop being a drain on society. Some of us will give them the change in our pockets, uncomfortably hoping that the money won’t be spent on alcohol and drugs.  Some of us will give them leftover food, or old clothes, blankets, and other things that we may have laying around. All the while we shake our heads at the problem – not fully realizing our tacit approval and implicit support of the system that put them there in the first place.

This is one of the reasons why I am selling all of my possessions, joining the homeless on University Avenue in the U-District of Seattle, and why I am carefully using what little I have to feed those who find their way to me. Yes – I am giving it all up. All of the comforts, the safety, the security of a life lived in a warm home, with a nice car, my television, my books, all of my toys – everything! Many will read this statement and not understand – that’s okay. I don’t expect anyone else to do what I’m doing. I have my reasons – it is my path. But I am using this website to suggest a new approach to dealing with homelessness while we work to correct what’s broken in this world.

‘Homeless on the Ave’ is my effort to take an ‘Adopt a Highway’ approach to supporting a singular homeless community rather than just telling the homeless that they need to reintegrate themselves into a broken society and accept the same steady diet of denial and anti-depressants that us ‘normal’ people survive on while going to jobs we hate, paying bills that make no sense, trying to stave off the loneliness and disappointment of life, and worse. Instead, I want to honor the homeless and help them in real and meaningful ways – by challenging the system itself!

Chances are that if you are reading this it is because I’ve come to ask for your help as a local restaurant or business owner, as a political or community leader, as a religious or spiritual teacher, as a law enforcement or security officer, or as a fellow human being. I’ve asked you to think very carefully about what it means to be a human being, and expressed how essential it truly is that we take care of one another – that those of us who have, are morally obligated to share what we have with those who have nothing. And that the rules that keep us from doing so – that punish the homeless and make their lives even harder – must be changed when they are wrong and ignored until they are changed.

This effort is not a personal pet project or a temporary experiment. I really and truly have CHOSEN to become homeless on purpose – and to do absolutely everything in my power to champion love for my fellow brothers and sisters. I am walking in the footsteps of Jesus, in the footsteps of the Buddha – I am not paying lip service to the injustices of our society – I am yielding myself to them – leading by example – and perhaps some of you will participate and help me along the way. In doing so, you will be helping yourselves – helping the homeless – and helping all of humanity. This is the beginning of something far greater than you can possibly know. It begins here and now, with you and I!

You will notice that my main focus – the only real antidote for the disease of confusion that rules our world, is the great awakening of all humanity.  Until we awaken to our true nature as beings of infinite love, at one with a greater beingness that exists beyond our being and encompasses all that is, we will continue to live within the darkness.   So while this site is very much about things like homelessness and social justice, it is much more about spiritual enlightenment; with enlightenment leading to an understanding of social justice that ends all homelessness; along with war, famine, hatred – and all other social woes of our age.  Indeed, my goal is to shine a light so bright in this world that it cannot be ignored.  This is my truth.

So welcome to this site.  I hope you are able to find something within its pages that speaks to you and helps you awaken to your own truth of all things – that moves you in the direction of love, kindness, generosity, gratitude, and grace; with forgiveness as the mechanism by which you embrace yourself and all the world.  Amen.


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