Welcome to ‘Homeless on the Ave’

From self to selfless: an exploration of spirituality, unity, and social conscience.

Please note: I am no longer living ‘on the ave’ and this website is no longer maintained.  I’m now living and working in Florida.  Since arriving in Florida, my journey went extremely deep and led me toward writing, speaking, and guiding others “into and beyond enlightenment” through the inner science of self-realization.  You can examine all of the articles, videos, and podcasts that have covered this journey – and what I share now – by visiting my central webpage http://bradleybemis.com.


We, as human beings, are confused about who it is that we think we are.

Our confusion arises from the conditioning that occurs within our egoic consciousness – giving rise to the sense of an “I am that is not”.  The truth is that we are all one as consciousness, as energy, and as matter.  All things, including us, are temporary, ephemeral, ever-shifting, ever-changing notes within a greater harmony of motion.

However, our sense perceptions – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell; along with our sixth sense that includes activation of the pineal gland and opening our ‘third eye’, limit our ability to interact with this greater harmony; or to even experience it.  We place so much emphasis on our sense of self that we become disconnected from the harmony – getting caught up in narratives about the past, and expectations about the future.

When we can live in the present moment, as the observer of our experience, witnessing our experience with full awareness.  When we can clear the mind of our conditioning and let go our sense of self.  When we can open our hearts through meditation.  When we’ve done all of these things, and live in the present moment, we can reach into the true nature of our shared beingness and experience the greater harmony for ourselves.

Unfortunately, our desires, and our attachment to the sense of self are incredibly powerful.  Not only that, but our collective use of words, concepts, and ideas; along with our misguided systems of social order reinforce these false views – and so most of us remain trapped within an illusion of our own making.  A delusion where we lose sight of what matters and we give away our power to those who use it against us – corporate, political, and religious leaders.

Most of us carry a deep inner longing around with us – a deep sense of emptiness; and we are always trying to fill or resolve this sense of emptiness with temporary fixes.  The vast majority of corporate, political, and religious leaders take advantage of this sense of ‘need’ in order to control us.  We look upwards and outwards for answers, instead of inwards, and we open ourselves up to being misled, used, and abused by the biblical ‘kings of the earth’.

The reason we experience this sense of emptiness is because the confusion of our conditioned minds prevents us from experiencing the truth of our oneness and unity.  It is within this oneness and unity, the experiential truth of it – actually finding it within ourselves – that we learn to fill ourselves with a combination of selfless love and joyful kindness.  When we fully surrender our sense of self, in order to become one, love is all that remains.

Yet because we let society dictate our conception of self – reinforcing our egoic, self-centered circular patterns of thinking and our misguided internal narratives, we find ourselves standing separate and divided.  This perception of separateness and division is what gives rise to all of the social ills of our day.  War, famine, racism, sexism, global warming, and so on.  In other words, we are all participating in the creation of our own suffering.

We all feel it.  We know that our political systems are failing us.  Our religions are failing us.  Our families and friends are failing us.  We are failing each other and we are failing ourselves.  There is an apathy attached to our experience now though – with so much suffering, so much misery, and so many broken things in the world, how can we even begin to make a dent.  Most of us just go with the flow – hoping and praying, but not acting.

And this is where we find ourselves.  We pick and choose our battles.  We rationalize our poor decisions.  We make excuses for our bad behaviors.  We abdicate responsibility for our own lives and we turn it all over to those in power.  Then, when things get bad, we blame the people in power instead of looking inward where the real answers await.  No one wants to hear this though – we are afraid of what we might find.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt arise from the confusion of our conditioned minds and become the underlying experience that governs our orientation to the world around us.  Then our corporate, political, and religious leaders capitalize on this fear, uncertainty, and doubt, creating a repetitive, infinite loop of decline within our society as a whole.  This is why our current social system is unsustainable – and we are watching the world fall apart.

But God calls us to step out of the illusion.  Not by worshiping at the feet of past or present spiritual teachers, or wrapping ourselves up in the selective application of scriptural doctrine, but by digging deeply into the nature of our own beingness; by fully examining our sense of self to arrive at an embrace of the selfless.  This is what Jesus taught.  What the Buddha taught.  What all truly enlightened beings have taught since the dawn of time.

The world we live in will NOT change in any fundamentally meaningful way until we make spirituality the main focus of our experience.  Spirituality, NOT religion.  Spirituality is about pursuing our own personal relationship with the beingness that exists beyond our being; guided by the tenants of love, kindness, generosity, gratitude, grace, and forgiveness.  It is about discovering, for ourselves, the underlying, undeniable truth of all things.

And so I am advocating for the great awakening of all mankind.  I say that we must let go of all that separates and divides us, and instead look to that which unites us and brings us together.  Love is the only truth that really matters.  If we spent more time embracing the nature of selfless love, we’d find that the suffering and misery within us, and all around us would begin disappearing from our experience; individually and collectively.

I have faith and I have hope, but at the same time I am greatly challenged by the enormity of what is required.  Asking people to let go of who they think they are, let go of their desires and attachments, let go of their excuses and rationalizations, let go of everything that keeps them trapped – most people just don’t want to do what is required of them.  Here too the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of our conditioning holds great power over us.

So there you have it.  The nature of our misery.  The root cause of our misery.  The cure to end our misery.  And what the cure means to us as a people.  There’s more of course – a great number of detailed steps that each of us can take as we continue our own unique spiritual journeys into the oneness of all things.  Mine is but to point to the other side of the shore and then move out of the way.  You are the one who has to take the first step.

Bradley is an awakened spiritual being who has chosen to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the Buddha by voluntarily becoming homeless, leading by example, and guiding others on their own spiritual journeys.

He does not accept money. He does not use any public assistance or charity programs. He does not smoke, drink, or use drugs. He lives a simple, celibate life.

What he shares with people is compatible with every religious belief system, looking at the common underlying message of love that exists within each one, but he combines and clarifies things without putting ‘God’ in a box.

His primary focus is on helping each person honor their own unique spiritual journey by:

  1. learning to love and trust themselves,
  2. practicing mindfulness and meditation,
  3. facing and releasing their pain,
  4. paying attention to synchronicities, and
  5. being wary of their traps as they travel toward the distant shore.

His overall goal in life is the great awakening of all mankind—leading to the unity of all beings and the cessation of all social injustices worldwide.  He can be found on University Ave in the Seattle U-District most of the time – just look for his sign.


  1. Carol says:

    I just thought about letting you know that there is a Free Dinner Service at Blessed Sacrament Church every Sunday from 12 to 2pm, in case we weren’t aware of it. I came across your information through Craigslist and ended up here. We are located at 5050 – 8th Avenue NE. I’ve been volunteering there for almost 3 years now and we try to provide warm, healthy and delicious food for everyone in need. Hope you find this information helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Friend says:

    The vast majority of homeless people do not have the resources to publish such a blog. Do you believe it is possible to truly immerse yourself in what it means to be homeless with such resources?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a wonderful question – thank you! I believe that I am doing far more than most people in order to understand what day to day life is like on the streets. While I may have resources, I use them in a manner consistent with what the homeless have at their disposal. And setting up this blog was nearly free. So in all cases, my answer is yes. I live on the same street, sleep in the same places, and survive on a similar budget. But again I say, I’m doing far more than most people would even ever consider… and for me, that’s enough. Along the way I’m doing what I can to help… My focus isn’t on ‘having the homeless experience’ though. I am homeless as part of my spiritual journey – I do not need a home. I do not need possessions – aside from the few that I carry with me in my backpack – and even those are luxuries, not necessities. One must be okay with nothing in order to have everything… It is a state of mind, not a question of resources.

      Note: I’ve written a post to respond to this in greater detail: http://wp.me/p5Squz-4f


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